Sunday, October 24, 2010

another week gone by

Hi everyone!
Another week has gone by, strange how that keeps happening... :)
Not as eventful as others but still found time to have some fun and do some tourist stuff.

Classes are getting a lot better, I understand more and have made some acquaintances in some of my classes.  (I now have about 6 new facebook friends)  Speaking of facebook, I saw the new Social Network movie, the story of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook.  Didn't have very high expectations for it, was mainly excited for the popcorn - which did live up to my expectations, but the movie was great!  Very witty and its a great story in general, highly recommend it.

Anyways, Marzia and I found some time this past weekend to explore the Retiro Park in Madrid.  Its a beautiful park in the center of the city where we stumbled upon a canoe/kayak race going on in the lake.  We sat in the grass and watched the race, the strange people that the park attracts and enjoyed the sunny day.  (Have I mentioned its ALWAYS sunny here - fantastic!)  We also wanted to explore the Mercado de San Miguel, a covered food market in Madrid.  We made our way there and after a couple laps around the market to check out our options we decided to try different cheeses from all over Spain.  It was delicious!  

The lake in Retiro Park
Thursday night one of my new friends invited me to go out with her and some of her friends.  They were all going to Dobl√≥n, a club in Villa.  (its normal to go out on a thursday night here...)  Marzia went with me and we had a great time, although it was not easy getting up for class on Friday....

Saturday during lunch my host dad asked if I wanted to go to the Real Madrid game that evening, not sure why he had to ask, of course I wanted to go!  I went with him and my host brother and it was a lot of fun.  Much better than the first game I went to, probably because they won 6-1 so it was a lot more exciting.  After the game I met up with Marzia, Charlie and Elli in Madrid and went out with them for a while, good end to the weekend.

Next week there is not anything on the calendar, except for that its Halloween, which I guess they do celebrate here!  I don't know exactly how they celebrate it, but its a good excuse to party, not that they need an excuse.  :)

Until next time <3

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Analia said...

Wow, you sure are having fun! Lucky, lucky Ali! So glad to know you are doing well. (I think Carmen has been out of town; sorry if she hasn't contacted you.)
Beware: Halloween is like a national "prank" day and loads of mischief (Superglue in locks and such) goes on. It's Dia de los Muertos and then the first of November is All Saints Day. I guess they figure the dead souls come out to play on the 31st and then go back to their graves on the 1st. International schools have costume parades and savvy kids will knock on your door to see if you are willing to give them candy for no reason. Enjoy it!