Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The hairy sidewalk.


I know, you are all shocked that I am doing more than 1 post in a week... But I have been working on homework all day...and really need a break!  Also, funny stuff has happened to me recently that I think you all will appreciate.

I will start with my professors.  I think they all try to confuse me because they know that I don't speak Spanish all that well.  One of my professors seems to think that I am from North or South Carolina...and asks me every class which one.  I think next time he asks I will respond with "central". 

My other class that confuses me, and I know you will all laugh about this, is in English!  Granted my professor is from Ireland...so even I have a hard time understanding him sometimes. (and I am the only native English speaker in the class!)  But last class he started out with this question for me: "Is your German boyfriend still here?"  What??  News to me, didn't know I had one of those. 

Also, something that I have noticed is that we have really strange neighbors...on both sides!  One of our neighbors is doing work on their house, and there is constant noise coming from there.  Now I know that this is not that strange, during the day time, but at night, around 12pm it always sounds like they are vacuuming.  Sure, that could be normal to vacuum at 12pm, but every night??  I don't think so...  Our other strange neighbors have a hairy sidewalk.  Yes, a hairy sidewalk.  I walk by their house everyday to get to the bus stop, and the sidewalk is covered in hair.  It looks like they shave their black dog outside...everyday.  I don't even know if they have a dog.  Maybe they are trying to keep away the armadillos...do they have those in Spain?

Well, that is all the strange stuff I have for now, hopefully more to follow...back to homework.
LOVE xoxo


Hanna said...

Im extremely impressed by the number of posts you've put up...this week there have almost been more than the entire time. I enjoy these, please post more...maybe

Dad said...

I almost fell over when I was presented with a 2nd post in a week. Are you ill? Regardless, if you are ill, I hope it sticks around as I enjoy the insights.