Sunday, March 6, 2011

Salamanca/Madrid and others...

Hello all!

Wow!  Last weekend was quite a weekend.  I went out on Friday night here in Madrid with some girls and we had a great night out!  I didn't mean to stay out all night, but all the sudden it was 5am and we were still dancing...oops!  We made it just in time to make the 5:30 bus and got home around 6am.  I went to bed for about 2 hours and then got on a train to Salamanca to visit Kara, a friend from Carroll.  It was great to see the city with a local ;) and awesome to get a bit of home here in Spain.  We went out all night in Salamanca, which is a really cool city because its filled with students.  (and great because its super cheap compared to Madrid - 5€ for a night out!!)  We met some really cool people, and had a crazy night.  Hopefully Kara will be visiting me in Madrid next weekend for some big city fun! :)

The week was like any normal week here for me.  Classes are going well...a bit harder this semester than last, but I think that is because I actually understand what is going on in class, therefore understand when we have homework and actually do it....I should go back to not understanding everything - easier that way.  Wednesday I went to El Escorial, a town near Madrid, with some friends.  It was FREEZING, cold enough to flurry, which is a big change from last week when it was almost 70F here! 

On Saturday we went into the city for a touristy day.  It was supposed to be rainy and cold, but as usual the weather men were wrong, and it turned out to be a nice day.  Most of what we saw was stuff that I hadn't seen already which was really cool.  I've lived here for 5 full months and there is still a lot I haven't seen!  So much I have to do still!!

We started out our tour at Las Ventas, the largest bull fighting ring in Madrid...don't worry, no bull fights - just photos outside. :)

Las Ventas

After Las Ventas, we went to the Temple of Debod, and Egyptian temple in Madrid.  I know, and Egyptian temple in Madrid...?  Apparently it was some sort of gift or something.  Its really cool outside, but of course we waited in line to go in, and its exactly what it looks like it would be, a stone room with nothing...yep, that exciting.
This is a picture of my host mom and I at the temple, different day - same temple.
Next we headed to the Palace to go in.  It was quite nice, I could definitely live there.  The best room was the Royal Pharmacy, which looked like it was right out Hogwarts potions class.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that room...I think I would have been deported or something for taking picture inside, but if you come to Madrid - definitely go in the Royal Pharmacy.

Sooyoung and I at the Palace
We spent the rest of our day in the Retiro Park.  Retiro is one of my favorite places in the city, and was great because all the cherry trees are blooming!  I can't wait until its a little warmer, and we can just go and sit all day in the park with a picnic and a good book...oh the simple things in life. :)

Well that is all for now.  Love xoxo

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