Friday, September 10, 2010


I am in love with Spain.  I love the weather, the sights, the people, everything.  So far its been fantastic.  On Wednesday we went to the Prado Museum in Madrid.  It was of course an adventure getting there, because we had to take the metro system.  4 wrong train rides later we all arrived an hour late to the Prado.  At the museum we met with Encarna, a professor of Art in Spain who gave us a private tour.  It was really cool to have her with us, but we did not get to see everything so we all want to return for longer, and also to go to the Reina Sofía, the contemporary art museum in Madrid.  After the Prado we had tapas (basically appetizers that you have for lunch) at a cafe near the Prado.  Susan then bought us all tickets for the tourist buses (a double-decker with no roof) to tour the city.  We had a great time riding all around Madrid taking pictures and relaxing. 

On Thursday classes began at the University.  We were all very nervous but they turned out to be just fine.  We all had our Spanish language class together, which went well.  After that we went out to lunch at a local restaurant with Susan which was really good.  I was supposed to have another class that evening but I decided to switch that class because it was also on Fridays in the evening and conflicted with another class.  I don't like Friday night classes and Susan told me that I should switch is, so I did not go. 

On Friday we all skipped our classes, which I guess is normal to skip classes during the first 2 weeks because students are still arriving from all over the world.  We went to Toledo, with Encarna, which was amazing.  If you ever get the chance to go to Toledo you have to go.  It is only a short train ride from Madrid, about 30 mins. on a speed train.  Its a very famous city in Spain because there are many buildings and famous people from the city.  We visited the most beautiful cathedral there and 2 synogags.  We then had lunch and had time to walk around the city.  It was a great day and I am excited that I am here for two semesters because I can go back to Toledo when the next group of students arrives. 

Tomorrow, I think that I am going to a Real Madrid game with my host dad.  They have season tickets and its the opening match tomorrow.  I am very excited because tickets are very expensive.  Tomorrow night is also a festival in Madrid, La noche blanco (the with night).  I don't know what it celebrates but it sounds fun.  :)
Miss you all xoxo


Melanie said...

I'm glad you're being multicultural and supporting my religion by going to synagogues! hahaha ;)

Analia said...

Ten years in Madrid and I never got the chance to go to a futbol game. Lucky you!
Be prepared for several festivals and holidays per month. They love any excuse for a party and, of course, you must celebrate your birthday and your "saint's" birthday. I wonder if there is a Santa Ali?