Friday, September 3, 2010


Packing sucks.  There is no other way to put it.  Tell me how I am supposed to pack for an entire year, and be able to carry it all in 2 suitcases?!?!  Its really hard.  I have a lot of shoes that really are necessary, and purses and jeans and jewelry.  I have all day tomorrow to make it all fit, and then the adventure begins!

We will be dropping my sister off at school early Saturday morning and then driving directly to the airport.  From the moment I land in Madrid, it will be 100% Spanish.  My host family does not speak any English....its going to be interesting. :/  Hopefully I will pick it up fast, otherwise it will be a long year.  :)

That is all for now, next post = SPAIN!!


wbbquilter said...

have a grand adventure!!!!!!!!

the berns

liz vade..... said...

I am eagerly anticipating your first post from Spain. I can't wait. Well??????

Melody said...

Sounds wonderfull Ali. I love living your gbsadventure vicariously. Enjoy every moment.