Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yes I know, its been forever.  I have been really busy, first my sister was here, then I had finals, then I moved into my new apartment, and now I am working.  So I am not lying, I am busy.  So I will just give you all a brief update on what has happened to me in the past two months. :)

First, I went to Málaga (southern Spain) with a friend.  We had planned the trip along time ago, with nothing but the beach in mind. Of course, mother nature had other plans.  It was cloudy/coldish the entire time which was big bummer since the only thing we had planned on was going to the beach every day.  But we made the best of it and went to Fuengirola, another city close by, where my friend had some friends living.  We stayed with them for the weekend, and had a crazy weekend. 
at least we got some beach time!
Next Hanna came to visit, which was desperately needed since I miss her a lot.  We spend the first weekend in Lisbon, Portugal which was great!  Lukas, the German one, also came to Lisbon with us.  He is traveling around Europe, well more like from Berlin to the Black Sea (Romania) and decided to make a detour to Lisbon, which is not exactly in the right direction...but regardless we had a great time.  We wandered around the city, went to the beach, drank mojitos and met some really cool people at our hostel.  After a great weekend together, Hanna and I had to get on the train to Madrid, leaving Lukas in Lisbon, although he said that he was going to hitchhike to Madrid... Now this was an overnight train...which sounded great when we bought the tickets, Hanna said, "Oh fun!  It will be like we are on the Hogwarts Express!".  Let me tell you, that was no Hogwarts Express.  10 hours in a train seat sucks - with or without Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.

But we finally arrived in Madrid and made our way to my host families house to shower and sleep a bit (which turned into the entire day for Hanna...although that is no surprise for those of us who know her)  Unfortunately I had to go to classes because it was nearing the end of the semester.  Hanna spent a lot of time with my host family, which had to have been really funny to witness seeing as she doesn't speak any Spanish and they don't speak any English. I don't think my host mom understood that because every time I came home she was always telling me that she had tried to explain something to Hanna but she didn't understand...must have been the word choice, otherwise I am sure she would have got it. ;)  The week in Madrid was great.  We did all the touristy stuff and I was able to show her where my new apartment would be and explore the neighborhood a bit with her.  We had a great week together and I was very sad to see her go - although my year is quickly disappearing, and I will be back home with her before I know it.
My host mom had to teach Hanna and Lukas how to eat ;)
The week after Hanna left was crazy.  It was filled with homework, group projects, work meetings, and end of the year parties.  I was busy every day and barely had any time to even think about how it was my last week with my host family. The year flew by and as great as they were, I was ready to move out.  I moved to my new apartment on Saturday evening, which means that I started packing up my entire room, with stuff from the entire year, on Saturday morning.  Always the efficient packer. It took forever, and a lot of bags, but it all fit in the trunk and after a delicious barbecue lunch I was on my way.  My new apartment is in the hippie/vintage shops/funky cafe neighborhood of Madrid and I LOVE it!  It took awhile to unpack, which is really more like a work in progress, but its starting to feel like my own space.  My roommates are a young married couple, and they are really nice - so far so good!

On Monday I started working, which is a big change from the university, which was basically a year of vacation with some classes thrown in there. I am really liking it so far, although I don't really have any time to go and do anything - but that is what weekends are for I guess! 

Well that is all for now, stayed tuned for more updates! (although no promises on the frequency)
Cheers :)

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